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Read Carlos’ statement about his involvement in the Anthony Wright case:

I’m running for DA because we shouldn’t have to choose between reform and safety. That includes more aggressively seeking to exonerate cases where there are wrongful convictions. I was not the lead prosecutor on the Anthony Wright case – the lead prosecutor had been litigating the case for years and the decision was already made by her and her supervisors to proceed with the retrial when I was brought in weeks before the trial. There was evidence pointing to Mr. Wright’s guilt notwithstanding the DNA evidence, and the trial Judge ruled that there was enough evidence for the jury to deliberate and render a verdict. The jury found Mr. Wright not guilty, and I respect their decision. I would also note that I was not named in the disciplinary action which was brought against the lead attorney in this case.

I am on record that I am going to expand the Convictions Integrity Unit to investigate claims more quickly. I have a history of doing just that – exemplified by my work on the George Cortez case. I exonerated Mr. Cortez, who was previously convicted by my colleague, and I found the real killer who then pled guilty.

The Innocence Project filed a disciplinary complaint regarding the Anthony Wright case in 2018 against the lead prosecutor, not me. They never brought my name up until it was politically expedient for Larry Krasner. This is clearly a smear campaign by an incumbent attempting to distract voters from his failed record when homicide rates are at an all-time high in Philadelphia.

Larry Krasner refuses to take accountability for the increasing violence in Philadelphia, saying the increased violence is no worse than other cities.

Fact: Data from clearly shows that in 2020 Philadelphia led the 10 largest cities in the US in fatal shootings per 100,000 residents.

Larry Krasner frequently touts the diversity of his office.

Fact: The most recent report from the City Controller found that Krasner’s office was one of the whitest in the city, and that of employees earning more than $90,000, 76% are White.

Larry Krasner has gutted diversionary programs:

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Larry Krasner called Biden “The Dumbest Guy”:

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Shaun King, one of Larry Krasner’s biggest donors from out of state, has a history of attacking activists and people of color:

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