Carlos Vega for DA


Philadelphia is facing serious challenges.

Nearly 500 people were killed and over 2,240 people were shot last year, making it one of the most violent years in the city’s history. This violence has disproportionately affected marginalized communities similar to the one Carlos grew up in. 

Now more than ever, we need experienced leadership and bold action. As a career prosecutor working on the frontlines to protect Philadelphians, Carlos knows that we don’t have to choose between making our city safe and reforming our criminal justice system.

We need to do both. 

That’s why Carlos is pledging to:

Stand up for victims and their families

We have to refocus the mission of the District Attorney’s office back to victims and be their voice. We also have to ensure frequent communication and transparency with victims and their families in every step of the legal process.

Root out injustice in our system

We can root out racial and wealth-based inequities that plague our system by prohibiting cash bail for people charged with misdemeanors and do not pose a risk to the community. We must also hold bad cops accountable by ensuring they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for criminal wrongdoing.

Improve our community’s relationship with law enforcement

Our safety depends on improving the relationship between our communities and law enforcement. As District Attorney, I would seek to bridge these divides by ensuring that the District Attorney’s Office and the Philadelphia Police Department are more attentive and responsive to the specific needs of each local community.

Break the school-to-prison pipeline

We can break the school-to-prison pipeline by instituting and fully implementing early intervention programs and building new bridges between the residents and stakeholders from the legal, religious, education, and business communities.

Expand and improve the Conviction Integrity Unit

We have to ensure that people are not convicted of crimes they do not commit. We must expand the Conviction Integrity Unit to increase the quality of investigations and speed up the initial intake review. We must also improve the unit by hiring tested and proven former defense attorneys, prosecutors, and investigators with courtroom experience.

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