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Democrat Carlos Vega Blasts DA Krasner’s Failure To Prosecute Gun Crimes 

Mar 30, 2021

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Democrat Carlos Vega Blasts DA Krasner’s Failure To Prosecute Gun Crimes 

Philadelphia, PA — Today, in response to a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer highlighting a significant drop in conviction rates for illegal gun cases under District Attorney Larry Krasner, Democrat Carlos Vega called on Krasner to stop blaming others and do his job. 

“Larry’s failure to prosecute gun crimes has directly contributed to the uptick in violence on our streets. He promised us justice that would make us safer. But there is nothing just about turning a blind eye to illegal guns, and it certainly isn’t making us safer,” said Carlos Vega, a retired 35-year prosecutor and a Democratic candidate for District Attorney. 

According to the Inquirer, conviction rates for being caught with an illegal gun dropped strikingly after Krasner became District Attorney in 2018. Police are on track to make more than 3,000 arrests this year for illegal gun possession, while people accused of illegally carrying guns have seen their chances of getting convicted drop from 63% in 2017 to just 49% two years later. 

“Instead of blaming others and making excuses, Larry should just do his job. We shouldn’t have to choose between reform and safety. But we’ve been given this false choice because of his failed leadership,” Mr. Vega continued.

Mr. Vega believes safety and reform must go hand in hand. As a product of a working class Hispanic community that was ravaged by both crime and systemic injustice, he understands the need to ensure there are reforms that root out unfairness in our system as well as fair consequences to criminal acts. 

“I’ve experienced racism, poverty, and the scourge of violence. Communities of color like the one I grew up in are hurt most by unchecked violence and unfairness in our criminal justice system. That’s why we need to root out systemic injustices in our system and prosecute violent crime. We have to do both,” said Mr. Vega. 


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